I have two adoptions for you: My Hugging Bears, drawn by Mary, and my Norwegian Girl, drawn by Irene.


My Hugging Bears are meant to represent my two kids, Cecilie and Joakim.



My Norwegian Girl is wearing a dress called "bunad". Each part of Norway has it's own "bunad", with different looks. This girl are wearing a "bunad" from the part of Norway that I am from. (See photos of my family and me, wearing this "bunad" here and here.)



If you wish to adopt these lovely Hugging Bears, or my Norwegian Girl, read my terms, and send me an e-mail. Remember to include your Name, e-mail adress and URL in your e-mail .




My terms:

You must have a family friendly page.


Your Web Site must have the no right click code and IE6 image toolbar disabler installed on the page that my adoptions are going to be displayed.


You must link back to my URL, by using the certs: http://www.flikkern.no/Benteshjemmeside.htm


You are NOT allowed to give my cuties away for your friends yourself. If you wish to give my cuties away to a friend, just let me know, and I will check your friends page, and if it follows my terms I will send it to your friend.


You must use the certificates that belongs to the adoptions. (No text link.) And post the certificates at the same page that the adoptions are displayed.


-And, of course, you must not alter my adoptions in any way.