Norway consist of 19 counties

Norway stretches from Lindesnes in the South to Varanger in The North. The country is divided into 19 counties whereas the Capital Oslo is a county by itself. Each county consists of several smaller municipalities, - in total 435. The Municipalities , or kommune as they are called in Norwegian are responsible for local government. The officials and the administration are elected locally. The county administration, or state legislature is the coordinating body for the municipalities in each state and serve as the political link between each Minicipality and the central political administration of the country.


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Although the Evangelical Lutheran Church is the state church, Norway has complete religious freedom. Education is free through the university level and is compulsory from ages 7 to 16. At least 12 months of military service and training are required of every eligible male. Norway's health system includes free hospital care, physician's compensation, cash benefits during illness and pregnancy, and other medical and dental plans. There is a public pension system.

Norway is in the top rank of nations in the number of books printed per capita, even though Norwegian is one of the world's smallest language groups. Norway's most famous writer is the dramatist Henrik Ibsen. Artists Edvard Munch and Christian Krogh were Ibsen's contemporaries. Munch drew part of his inspiration from Europe and in turn exercised a strong influence on later European expressionists. Sculptor Gustav Vigeland has a permanent exhibition in the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo. Musical development in Norway since Edvard Grieg has followed either native folk themes or, more recently, international trends.

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