May 3rd we went to see this house, that was built in 1969.

Even if the house was very old, we loved the property, and bought it, at May 10th.

 The old man who lived in the house, have not been re-decorating or putting the house in order, since they built the house, almost 40 years ago.

We have a huge job to do, with the house. We must change all of the windows, change the roof, change the boarding, and paint the new boarding (not in the ugly brown color that the house have, now), we must change and paint all of the walls and floors, indoors, both the kitchen and the bathroom must be changed everything (both the furnishings, the floors and the walls). All of the bedrooms have old closets that we must remove.

Thursday June 1st we got the keys to our new house! Finally we can call it our house!

The first weekend in June, my husband and I have been at our new house, working, all the time. I have painted the walls and the window frames in the livingroom. My husband has pulled down the old walls in the hall, and started to put up the new panel walls. He also have put panel wall over the old kitchen door opening. (In the house, there were two kitchen doors. One lead to the livingroom and one lead to the hall. We only need one door from the kitchen, so my husband has put panel over the door that lead to the hall. This will give us more wall space in the kitchen, for the kitchen furnishings.

The garden is also bad: Full of weed and moss. But, even if the garden is bad, I am looking forward to make it look nice. I already have drawn an outline plan for our new garden. I assume that we must work in our garden for several years, to make it look like we want. But I love to work in the garden, and are looking forward to it.


Also this weekend my husband and I have been at our new house, working, all the time. I have painted the walls and the window frames in Joakims bedroom. I also painted the walls in the hall.
Charles has taken down the old kitchen furnishings, so now we will just wait to get the new one.
Charles also made the doorway from the kithchen to the livingroom bigger. (This was very narrow, earlier.)
He also has panel wall over the old door opening betveen Morten's room and Cecilies room. We are going to make the house bigger, and will built two new bedrooms too. When we have done this, Cecilie's bedroom is going to be changed into a new, big bathroom.
We also have done lot of stuff outdoors: I have made a nice flower bed. While a friend of Charles and his son, who is a friend of Joakim, had come to help us to get rid of two very big trees in our garden. They working for several hours, and did a great job!
After this, I was raked the lawn, and Cecilie and Joakim removed the grass and the moss.
We also tryed to dig up an old flowerbed, by using our tractor, but possibly we must borrow a machine to do this.
At Thuesday 13th of June, I bought several new flowers, to decorate outside our new house. Even if we have not moved into our new house, it's nice to have flowers there. We go there every day, to work with the house.
Today Charles and his son har changed the outdoor panel at the south wall. It will be my job to paint the new panel wall.
Yesterday, I dug up half the old flowerbed by hand! I was working for 3 hours, and I only managed half the flowerbed. We had very warm, sunny weather yesterday. (26 degreez celsius). I drunk over 2 litres of water while I was digging in the old flowerbed.
Today I have put flower in the part of the flowerbed that I dug up yesterday. But, I need to get some help to dig up rest of the flowerbed. It's too much grass, weed and moss. I am not able to dig the rest of the flowerbed. (It's the wose part of the flowerbed which is left.)
This weekend (June 17th to 19th) my kids and I have been on a car-drive with a van that we have borrowed. We have bought lots of stuff that we needs for our new house.

I have bought outdoors paint for the house (light grey for the house, and dark grey to paint around the windows and door), I also bought boards for the ceiling, walls and the floors, and paint for the boards to have on the walls. I also bought a front door, 2 cabinets and 3 lamps. I am very exited to see it everything that I have bought is as nice as I am hoping for.

Today, at Monday June 19th, Charles put up boards at the kitchen, and in one wall at a bedroom. I painted one of the walls at the kitchen.

Charles also helped me digging up rest of the flowerbed, so now I am able to plant my plants there.
After work Thuesday June 20th, Charles and I went to our new house to work. I painted more of the walls at the kitchen. Now I just has one wall left.
Charles put up the new hatch, with the ladder on, that we are going to have to get to the attic.
When I finished painting, I went out in the garden. I planted some plants in the flowerbed that Charles helped me dig up this weekend.
Wednesday June 21st, I finished painting the kitchen walls. Charles and his son, Morten, put up the ceiling boards in the hall.
After I finished painting, I went out in the garden, and finished the flowerbed that I was working with yesterday.
We are still struggeling with bad Summer weather, here. But today, at Sunday June 25th, the rain did not come until the afternoon, so I had time to paint an outdoor wall on our new house. I an not used to paint, and my muscles are hurting. I used 5 hourse to paint the wall.
While I was painting, Charles was working in the entrance hall. He was changing some old pipes, that the electric cables are inside. After this he tear down the old panel in the entrance hall, and put up the new panel, which I am going to paint, later.
He also changed the outer door. The new door looks very nice!
Charles have put new floor boards in Joakims room, at June 28th. He also removed some of the old doors in the house. We are going to buy new doors for the entire house.

Charles has done lots of work in our new house, while we (my kids, our dog and I), has been on a weeks holiday. We have been at my parents cottage, together with my two sisters and their kids. The weather was wonderful! We had a fantastic holiday.

After we had been at the cottage for some days, we went to my parents house, and stayed with them for a few days. My youngest sister lives about 2 kilometres from my parents, so our kids spent lots of time together.

During my holiday, I bought more boards for our indoor ceiling (for our new house). I also bought two new lamps. One for the livingroom and one for the hall.

While we have been on our little holiday, Charles have done lots of work in the house. He have put floor-boards on all of the bedrooms, and in the hall. He also put boards at the walls on our bedroom. And removed a window. (We are going to built the house bigger, and will get two more bedrooms. We had to remove a window, because we are going to built, at the wall that we had that window.)

Our dog, Chico, and I came home from the holiday at Friday July 7th. Cecilie and Joakim are staying with their father for 3 weeks.

At Saturday and Sunday, Charles and I went to our new house, working: Charles changed several doors. I painted both inside where we are going to have a closet, and in our entrance hall. At Sunday evening, Charles and cut the grass at our big lawn.

After work, at Thuesday July 11th, Charles and Morten put up the ceiling boards in the main bedroom, while I finished painting the entrance hall. I had to paint two times, to get it look okey. I am very exited and a bit worried if the color I choose is going to be nice. The color is very bright, a tone of yellow and green. (More like a Lime-green, with a touch of yellow in it.) I have decided that we must only have black and grey colors in this room, to make the color on the walls look less bright. I hope it will be nice, or else I must find another color, and paint it once more.

Wednesday July 12th I went to the house with almost all of our plants, which we had in our livingroom. I have sold the old flowerpots, and bought new ones, so I decided to move the plants, when I sold the old flowerpots.

Charles and I have been working every available minute with our new house. Both after work, and during the weekend. Since wednesday we have finished with putting in new doors. I have painted a wall in our kitchen.

We also finished with the boards in the ceiling in our entrance hall, and painted the walls in Morten's room.

Charles also assembled the wardrobe for our bedroom, while I have painted the window frame in our bedroom.


We have been waiting to get the moulding for our new house. At July 17th we got it, and Charles started to put up the moulding at Joakims room.

We also tried to dig some holes in the lawn to some bushes that we have planned to remove. But the lawn was too wet. The tractor that we have borrowed was sinking about 50 centimetres down in the lawn, so we just had to stop, and give it up. We must think about another was of doing this.

We also went to the house, after work at Thuesday July 18th. I finished painting the window frame in our bedroom, while Charles tried to dig a ditch with the tractor that we have borrowed. Unfortunately, the ground was full of stone (very big stones), so he just had to give up. Earlier this day, while we were at work, Morten has removed almost all of the wall boards on one of the walls of the house. (The old ones are very poor, and we must change all the wall boards.)

After work, July 19th, I have been painting the last two door frames. I have to paint eatch one of them two times. Today I painted them one time, and then they must get dry until I paint them the second time.

Charles, Morten and our brother in law, changed one of the three windows at the livingroom. Two of the windows has two layers, but one of them only has one layer. Now we have changed the window with only one layer. This will make the house warmer during the winter.

Lately, I have been looking for a perennial called Prydsvinerot in Norwegian. The flower store did not have it, but I noticed that one of our neighbours has it. I asked if I could get a small part of it, with roots on. She sayed "Yes". I went to her, and dug up a small part of her flower. I gave her a Yellow Lily as a thank you gift.

At July 20th I painted the south wall foundation of our new house. I only used one hour doing this.

After painting, I stated digging a new flowerbed. I removed a climbing rose called Flammentanz, which I have had in a big case, from our appartment, and put it into the new flowerbed, by our new house. Next to the climbing rose, I put a white Veronica.

While I was doing this, Charles put up the wardrobe in our hall. And then he started to tear down the wallpaper in the bedroom which we are going to change into a bathroom.

Then we had to stop. We are in the habit of watching the TV-serie 24, with Keifer Southerland, and hurried home to see it. 24 started at 9.50 PM, so I beleve that it was time to stop for the evening anyway.

I will continue with the new flowerbed this weekend, but tonight we are going to Charles' sister. She is celebrating her birthday today.

At July 22nd, I continued with putting perennials in my new flowerbed. I have been trying to find flowers that are suitable to each other. Both the colors and the size of the perennials must match.

While I have been doing this, Charles has been sweating and working with changing the wall boards in a wall. After a while, Morten also came to help Charles.

Charles removed the floor covering at the bedroom that we are going to change into a bathroom, at Sunday July 23rd. Then he put up the moulding around the door opening betveen the hall and the livingroom.
I finished painting the door frames. Now I am finished painting all of the door frames. (We will have 3 more doors, gradually. So I will have 3 more doorframes to paint, later. We have not put in the door for our new bath, yet, and we will have 2 new doors, when we are finished with building the 2 new bedrooms for Cecilie and Joakim.)
Later this morning, Charles started to dig, where we are going to built the new bedrooms. (The house is a bit to small for our big family, and we must built it bigger. We are going to make 2 new bedrooms for Cecilie and Joakim.) Charles has borrowed a tractor, to dig down to rock ground. After this he must build a foundation wall, before he starts to do the carpentry.
Charles took a day off from work at Wednesday July 26th, and worked at the house, together with his son and our brother in law. We also got all the stuff from Ikea, today.
After work today, I went to the house too, and helped the guys a bit. I also fixed a watering-system for the new flowerbed.
Charles went to the house, working after work at Thuesday too. He and our brother in law finished the boards where the  foundation wall is going to be. We have ordered cement for tomorrow, and they had to finish everything before the cement is delivered.
After a weeks Summer holiday, we are now back with the new house.
Charles, Cecilie and Joakim were, at Sunday August 6th, putting together some of our new kitchen furnishings from Ikea.
The kids were very clever.
I spent this day doing lots of housework in our appartment. We had lots of laundry and other stuff to organize after our vacation.
We are still having Summer vacation, so we spent Monday August 7th in our new house, working.
Joakim and I started to put together the bathroom furnishings. We managed to finish two small bathroom cabinets and a chest of drawers to put in the bathroom.
From Friday 11th to Saturday 12th, Charles, Joakim and I have been on a 6 hours car-drive. We have bought lots of stuff that we needs for our new house. Cecilie asked if she could stay home, so she has slept over at Charles' sisters house.
Today, at Sunday, Charles and I emptyed the trailer with all the new stuff that we have bought on our trip. We have bought floor boards and ceiling boards for the new part of the house (that we have not started to put up yet), we bought 5 new lamps, 2 new flatscreen television sets (one for the caravan and one for the new house), a new dishwasher machine (the old one is from 1991), tiles for our bathroom floor and for the wall between the kitchen bench and the cupboards, shelfs for our cabinets on our bedroom, and lots of other stuff. The reason why we can afford to buy all this stuff, is because we bought a very old house, that we paid much less money than we did for our appartment.
After finishing carrying all the new stuff in, I painted a new small wall Charles has put up, next to the wardrobe in the hall. Charles put up two kitchen cupboards.
At Thuesday August 15th I put up more of the bathroom furnishings. I am not the worlds best carpenter, so this takes time. I also have painted one wall at the kithcen, which only had been painted one time.
Charles have had some good help from his brother today. They have put up some moulding in the kitchen.
We spent also this day, August 17th, working with our new house. I was painting one door frame and one window frame. I also put stones around the flowerbed that I made yesterday.
Charles has put up the moulding in the kitchen and the hall.
In the evening, he got some help from his cousine, who is a plumber, to put up some pipelines in the sleeping room which is going to be changed into a bathroom.
After work at August 28th, Charles and Morten went to our new house and put some floor boards in the attic. It's not full hight on the attic. It's only for storage of Christmas decorations, old toys, clothes, bags, suitcases and so on.
After work, at August 29th, Charles put up a new window at one of the walls in the attic.
And at August 30th, Charles removed the window in the bedroom which is going to become our bathroom. We are going to have a smaller window here, now when we are going to change this room into a bathroom. We have not got the new small window yet, but Charles covered up the hole in the wall with a board. We have ordered the new window, and will get it within a few days.

At September 3rd, I started to paint the window frames which Charles put up yesterday. (I painted two out of four). I also painted the mailbox stand. Charles also put up the new window in our new bath, yesterday.

Charles and his cousine put plaster plates at the floor in the bedroom which we are going to make into a bathroom.

Charles started to put up some lamps, after work at September 4th, so that it will be more easy for the electrictian, (and cheaper for us) when he is coming.

I started to clean up a bit, and I also painted two pieces of mouliding in the kitchen, that Charles have put up, after I had painted the kitchen.

In our new house, I have been washing the kitchen furnishings today, at September 9th. After this, I helped Charles to empty the entrance hall, which was full of stuff (a big saw, shoes, garbage, unused wallboards and lots of other stuff). We are going to get floor heating in the entrance hall (and the bathroom), and we had to prepare the room for this.

A couple of days ago, Charles and his brother and a friend of them, fixed the floor heating and cast concrete  in the bathroom.

September 10th: Today we have done lots of things in our new house: Charles and his brother put up the wall tiles at the kitchen (between the bench and the cupboards). The kitchen became very nice.

In addition to this, Charles also continued to prepare for the electrictian, so that it will be more easy for the electrictian, (and cheaper for us) when he is coming.

I have used this day to empty the garage, which we filled with stuff at August 20th. (Ex. Christmas decorations, some furnitures, bags, suitcases and so on). I have carried it all inside our new house. Some of it, I put into the attic, but I did not manage to put it all up, so the last few things are still in the entrance hall. But, I got it all into the house, so it will stay dry. It could have been very moist in the garage, with the bad weather that we have nowdays.

After work at September 11th, Charles and a friend of his, who is an electritian, put down the electric kables, to make the floor heating in the entrance hall.

Tomorrow, at September 12th the electritians are coming.

At Thuesday the electritians were working in our new house, and gave us electricity in the entire house.

Charles has been at our new house, at September 16th and joint/ seam the tiles in the kitchen. (We have tiles between the bench and the cupboards.)

He also put up boards around the livingroom windows (at the outside).

In the afternoon, today, Charles and his cousine, put a kind of concrete at the floor in our front entrance. (Over the floor heating cables.) They also did this on our bathroom floor.

I have been home, in our appartment today, doing lots of housework. After this I went to the new house, and put some flower bulbs in the soil, to get nice flowers next year.


Charles has been working with the new foundation wall, with the new part of our new house, at September 17th. While I have been painting a dark grey color around the livingroom windows (on the outside). After painting, I dug up two kinds of flowers, which were in the garden in our new house. (Peon and Lily's). The flowerbed was full of weeds, so I dug up the only two flowers among all off the weeds. I put the flowers in pots, to see if I got rid of all the weeds. I will have to keep the Peon and the Lily's in the pots until next year, to see if I got rid of the weeds.

I have planned to paint some moulding today, at October 1st. Charles has is going to put up the bathroom floor tiles today.

The first days of October, Charles has been working with our tractor, to get lots of sand in our yard. Our yard was full of holes and dirt. We are trying to get it look nicer.

My parents are coming to wisit us at Friday 13th, in the afternoon. My father is going to help Charles with the new part of the house. We are going to extand the house, and make two new bedrooms. There are 3 bedrooms in our new house, and we need 4 bedrooms. When we are finished with the new part of the house, we will get 5 bedrooms. (One for Charles and me, one for Cecilie, one for Joakim and one for Morten. The last bedroom is going to become a sort of office and guestroom. We are also going to put our freezer in this room.)

We are very grateful to my parents which are coming here to help us. Both Charles and I have asked our works to get some days off next week so that we may work the entire days with our new house.

We got up early at Saturday October 14th, and my dad and Charles went to our new house to work. (Photo of my father and Charles, down at this page). My mom and I went to the grocery store to get some food.

My mother and I have put on new seat covers on the old chairs that we have in our livingroom. The chairs have been Charles parents chairs before, and the chairs are very old. After changing the seat covers, the chairs was very nice. Almost like new! I have a photo of the chairs here. (Take a look at October 14th.)

I put up a book shelf from Ikea at October 15th.

October 16th: My mother and I have been doing some washing at the kitchen in our new house. We have been washing the roof and the walls in the kitchen. The kitchen furnishings, I have been washing before.

Charles and my father have been working at our new house for 3 whole days. Photos of their work, here.

October 17th: My dad and Charles have continued working with the new part of our house. Today they have put up two windows. (Cecilie and Joakim are going to get a bedroom each in the new part of the house.)

Later, the same day, they started with the boarding. (See photos here.)

My mom has been washing some cups and plates, that we have put in the new kithcen furnishings. While my mom was washing, I put up the other Ikea shelf.

October 18th: My parents were supposed to leave this morning, but they decided to stay until 12 AM, so that my father could help Charles with the boarding. When my parents left, my father and Charles had put up boarding on half the large wall, and the whole small wall on the house.

We don't have words to express how grateful we are that my parents came, and my dad was helping Charles with the new part of our house.

After my parents left, I was helping Charles a bit, with some of the boarding.

At Saturday October 21st, Charles and Joakim have put up floor boards in the new part of the house. They also put insulation in the floor, the walls and some of the ceiling.

October 22nd: Cecilie, Joakim and I carried all the ceiling boards, floor boards and almost all of the wall boards into our new house. We also helped Charles with getting plastic on all the walls and the ceiling in the new part of our house. After this, Charles started to put up wall boards in the new part of our house. (The wall boards are not painted yet. Cecilie and Joakim will have to decide which colors they want to have on the walls in their new bedrooms, and than I will paint the walls.)

Charles and I put up wall boards at two of the walls in the new part of the house at October 23rd.

We put up the wall boards at the last wall, at October 24th.

Now we must put up the ceiling boards and the floor boards. Then we have to put up a wall in the middle of the room, to make two bedrooms out of the big new room.

At October 25th, Charles and Morten put up the ceiling boards in the new part of the house.

At October 26th 7 PM a lady came to see our appartment. She and her hubby are looking for a house or appartment to buy. They have a 6 years old boy, she told me.

I went home from work early, to wash the floors and clear up the appartment a bit. I want it to look nice, when we show our appartment.

While we waited for the lady to come, Charles went to our new house and put floor boards at half the floor in the new part of the house.

At 7 PM the young lady came. Her hubby could not come. He was at a meeting. The young lady was very exited about our appartment. We asked her to come another nigth too, and to bring her hubby, so that he will be able to see our appartment too.

I really, really hope that her hubby likes it too. I am very worried about if we not sell our appartment. We can't afford to pay for two bank loans.

 October 28th: Today I have painted the ceiling in our livingroom, in our new house.

Charles has put up the wall between Cecilie and Joakim's rooms today.

I have painted the walls in Cecilie's room and one wall in Joakim's room too. I have painted it white. It's best to paint the walls once, in a white color, before we paint the "real" colors after this.

Charles put up the walls to make a little hall between Cecilie and Joakim's bedrooms at Sunday, October 29th. After he finished it, I painted the walls. First in the white color, and than in the same yellow-green color as we have in the front entrance. There will be no door between the front entrance and the little hall. But there will be two doors from the little hall, and in to Cecilie and Joakim's bedrooms.

Charles also finished the wall boards on the outside. We had not quite finished with this, but today, we got finished with the wall boards outside.

Saturday November 4th: We were working in our new house all day. Charles put up all the moulding at Joakim's rom today, and was almost finished at Cecilie's room too. We also put up the curtains in the livingroom. Even if we have not moved in yet, it's nice to have curtains there. We are going to put up the "winter curtains" that we used in our appartement last winter. In our appartement, were we still live, we still have the pale colours, diffuse curtains that we use in Summertime. I have not bothered to change into winter curtains in our appartement. We are going to move soon, so I just have the Summer curtains up, until we are moving.

Sunday November 5th: Today we have been at our new house. We have been working outdoors the entire day. Charles and two friends have been putting up the new roof on halv the new part of the house. I have been painting a wall, outdoors, on the house. We have been working since breakfast (at 9 AM), until it started to get dark (at 4.30 PM).

We have not been cold, even if we have been outdoors the whole day. But when it was dark, it started to blow a cold wind. It was freezing cold. It was very cozy to go home to our appartement and light a fire in the stove.

Photos from me painting the house, and Charles and his friends putting up the new roof here.

I have also updated the page with photos of our new house.

Charles and I had a day off from our works at November 10th. We put up more of the new roof in the new part of our house.

Today, at November 11th, Charles and a friend, put up more of the new roof. But, they did not get enough roof boards. We must order new roof boards, and wait to get them, until we finish the roof of the new part of our house. We are going to change the roof of the old part of the new house, next year.

Photos of the house, with the new roof, down at this page.

Sunday November 12th:

Now it's 10.30 PM, and I am on my way to bed. All my muscles are hurting. We have been working with our new house this entire weekend. Today we put up our stand for our mailbox. Charles has put up boards around several windows and I have been painting almost the entire big wall on the north of the house. When it got dark (about 4 PM), we went indoors. Charles put up some more moulding, which I painted white.


After work today, Monday November 13th, we went to our new house. Charles put up some more moulding today, in our bedroom. I painted the same moulding as yesterday. (I have to paint it twice, to make it look nice.)

 Charles also put up a wardrobe, which I have started to put up, but not finished, which is going to be at Joakim's room.

Saturday November 25th: This week I have been very tired.
I did not have the enegy to go to dance yesterday. Even if this is something that I love to do.
I have started to pack more stuff from our old appartment, and moved it to our new house. This takes a lot of time. Much more than I beleved that it would. I also have put up curtains in Cecilie and Joakims new rooms.
I can't belive that we have been working with our new house for 6 months now! No wonder we are tired.
Charles is still working with our new bathroom. Now the floor is finished. But we must wait for about a week for some glue to get dry, before we put up the wall boards. When the wall boards are up, we are going to put up the dusch and move the bathroom furnishins into our new bathroom. I have put up the bathroom furnishings, several weeks ago. This furnishings are now placed in different rooms in the house.
The kids and I cleared up in the livingroom in our new house today. Then I washed the floor in the livingroom. After this, we went home to get a carpet, that we use to have under our coffee table. We put this carpet on the floor in our new livingroom, and put the new coffee table, that we bought last weekend, on the carpet.
We have not moved our couch yet, and the old coffe table is also in our old appartment. But, it's nice to see that all the mess in the new livingroom is gone.
I started to put up a cupboard too. But I did not finish it. At 6.30 PM, we went home to eat dinner.


Sunday November 26th: It's a terrible wind here nowdays. But it's warm (today it is 8,6 degreez Celcius).
I have finished painting our house today. (Not the dark grey color, but the light grey that we have on all the walls.)
We have also started to move some furnitures (kitchen furnitures and dining table). I have started to put the glasses and plates, that we are not using evey day, into our kitchen furnishings, and into some cupboards in our new house today. Since we have not moved in yet, I have not taken the stuff that we use every day.

I have new photos of our livingroom, the bathroom and Cecilie's bedroom.

Charles managed to start with the bathroom boards today too. He finished to put up boards on one wall at the bathroom, before he went home, at 9.30 PM. We have been working since breakfast.

Thursday November 30th: This whole week, I have spent a lot of time in our old appartment, (after work, of course), packing stuff. We have also moved several furnitures from our old appartment, to our new house. It's only a couple of minutes to drive by car, betveen our old appartment and our new house.

Charles has been working with the wall boards, at the bathroom, every day, after work. Yesterday, he finished with this, and started to put up the dusch. He will try to finish with the dusch today.

I am going to wash our new bedroom today. (Both the walls, the roof and the floor). We have been storing our wall boards at the floor at our bedroom, but now when Charles has finished with this boards, I may start to wash our bedroom. When I finish washing our bedroom, it's only the bathroom, the washing room (where we are going to have our washing machine and stuff like that), the hall, the front entrance and Morten's bedroom left to wash

After washing our bedroom, I am going to drive to our old appartment, and continue to pack our stuff, and empty our kithcen and bedroom furnishings.

Both Charles and I have been taken the day off from work tomorrow, and we are going to use the whole Friday to try to move all our stuff into our new house. We are hoping to move, some time, during the weekend.


Sunday December 3rd: Today is the first Sunday of Advent!

We have decorated our new house with Advent candles and lights.
We have now been sleeping for 3 nights in our new house. We are not finished with our new bathroom. Charles has been working with the new bathroom for two days, now. But, while we are waiting for the new bathroom to finish, we are using the small, old bathroom. (We are going to use this old bathroom, as a washing room, for our washing machine, when our new bathroom is finished.)
Both Charles and I have been using a lot of time trying to get in order. And we are going to use even more time doing this.
This will take a lot of time, to finish working with our new house, and to move our stuff to our new house.
Thuesday December 5th: We are still using every spare minute (after work), on trying to get our stuff in order in our new house.
Yesterday, we went to get the old appartment, to get the aquarium. It went well! All the fishes survived the moving.
Charles emptyed the freezer, too, yesterday, but we could mot move it yet. It's full of ice. We had to let it stay in the appartment, until today. We are going to move the freezer to our new house, today. We have borrowed some space in Charles' sisters freezer, until we will get our own freezer in our new house today.
We have gotten a bit in order, in our new house now. But still there are lots of boxes and some furnitures that we have not got in the correct places yet. And there are still some stuff left in our old appartment. But we are very happy that we have moved. I am looking forward to empty the appartment, and get it washed.
We have not moved our computer yet. It may take about 14 days until we will get internet, at our new house, so we are keeping the computer in our old appartment, as long as possible.


Monday December 11th: Yesterday was the 2nd Sunday of advent!

And, today is Cecilie's 13 th birthday. I can't belive that I have a teenager! Time flies.

  We are going to make a bathroom out of an old bedroom. This new bathroom is not quite finished yet. We are waiting for a friend of ours, who is a plumber.

For over a week, we have had lots of boxes and furnitures over our whole house. This weekend I have managed to fix the kitchen and the livingroom, so now the house looks tidy and nice. But we have lots of stuff in some of the bedrooms, which we have not got in the correct places yet.

 We have not moved our computer to our new house yet. We will not get internet until December 19th in our new house, so that's why we still are having our computer in our old appartment.

 Next Thursday (14th), 4 friends of mine and I are going to wash our old appartment. I am so grateful that they are willing to use their busy time before Christmas to help me with this.



Saturday December 16th: Now we have moved our computer to our new house. 4 of my friends, and I washed our old appartment at Thursday. First we went to a pizza restaurant, and enjoyed a good meal of pizza. Then we went to wash. We were washing for 4 1/2 hours. I am SO happy that we are finished with our old appartment. Unfortunately we have not sold it yet. But a family has been considering to rent it. If we can't sell it, we just have to rent it out. This family have not said that they will rent it. They are just considering it. We are waiting to hear from them, if they want to rent it.

Charles has worked this day to get broadband to our computer. He have also put up some stuff into our wardrobe at our bedroom, so that we are able to put up our clothes in it.


 Monday December 18th: 3rd Sunday of advent, yesterday.

If you wish to take a look at our new house, in the snow, take a look down at this page.

I have been tidying in our front entrance hall today. We have had several furnitures and lots of boxes there, which not was supposed to be in that room. Today I have removed all that stuff that was not supposed to be there. It's wonderful to have another room that looks okey. (Now the front entrance, the kitchen and the livingroom are tidy, but we still have boxes and stuff in all the other rooms yet.

The family who has been considering to rent our old appartment, told us, today, that they will rent it from 2007. Since we have not managed to sell our old appartment, we are happy that we at least are able to rent it out.


This year Christmas Eve is at the 4th Sunday of advent:

I have been unpacking 4-5 boxes with stuff from our old appartment today. It seems like we will never finish unpacking all the boxes.


Thursday January 4th: We have bought ourselves a new coach. First we were considering to buy a wery expensive one, which was very nice and wery good to sit in. But we decided to buy another one, instead, which was much cheaper. We were worried that this cheaper coach would not we good to sit in, but it was! It was both nice and very good to sit in. We love our new coach!

We still have not gotten in order in our new house. We are trying to do something every day, after work. We still have some boxes and furnitures that we don't know where to put. And our new bathroom are not quite finished yet. We are waiting for the plumber.

Yesterday I took down all the Christmas decorations and our Christmas tree. I was doing this for several hours. I did not finish until 00.30 AM at night. But I had a large brake, while I watched "Ugly Betty" and "Ghost Whisperer" at the TV.


Monday January 8th: I have decided to sell my largest aquarium. It's an aquarium made to be placed in a corner, and it's 105 litres. Our livingroom in our new house, it a bit smaller than our livingroom in our old appartment, so we could use some more space. In addition to that, I feel that I don't have time to do what I have to do, with the aquarium. (Change water weekly and stuff like that).

I have already been talking to several people who are interested in buying it, so I hope that I will be able to sell it soon.

Now I will only have my small aquarium (it's only 17 litres, but I think it's nice).

The plumber came today, so now our new bathroom is almost finished. We may use the shower, but not the toilet.


Wednesday January 10th: Yesterday evening I sold my largest aquarium. I have been speaking to the buyers today, and they told me that all the fishes had survived the move, and everything went well!

Sunday January 14th: Finally it's weekend, and I have managed to do something in our house again. Now I have emptyed and washed a cabinet which I have sold. I also have washed our new bathroom furnishings, and put all the stuff that we will have in the bathroom, into the furnishings. Our new bath is quite large.

I have a new photo from our kitchen and our hall.


Sunday January 28th: We have been tidying Morten's bedroom (Charles' 20 years old son). He has been on a course for almost 3 months, and we have not been doing anything with his bedroom since we moved in to our new house. But he are coming home in a couple of weeks, so today we have been putting his furnitures and other stuff in to his bedroom.


Wednesday February 21st: We have still not sold our old appartment. We are renting it out, but we are loosing a lot of money each month, so we are hoping to sell the appartment as soon as possible. Unfortunately it is not the seller's market in our town right now. Very few houses and appartmens are getting sold nowadays.

Yesterday a lady came to see our old appartment. We are very exited to hear if she and her husband wishes to buy it.

We really, really hope that we will succeed this time...

Now it's Easter (April 6th 2007). Our old appartment are still not sold. The people who rents it, are moving out at June 1st. They have bought theirselves a new house. We are very worried about not selling it. But we hope that the marked turnes better after Easter time.

Sunday April 14th started with fog, but mild and warm weather. Later, the fog disappeared, and the sun was shining. We went out early this moring, and started to work with the stuff that we had planned for this day.

Charles finished with the carpentry on the house (outdoors), and painted it after he finished. Then he started with the terrace by our front door. He did not manage to do much. He just started to make some holes for the poles that we are going to have on the terrace.

I have continued to put more of my perennials in the new flowerbed by the wall of our house. Now I have emptyed 5 cases and over 20 pots, with perennials.

After working with the flowerbed, I started to paint all the windowframes, outdoors, which is without paint. (I painted 7 windowframes and two of the corners of the house.) Now we have finished painting the house, outdoors!

I did not finish until 9 in the evening. Tired but happy with todays effort.


When Charles' son, Morten, got a job, he decided to buy his home of his childhood. We were very happy when he bought our old appartment.

Now he is sharing this appartment with his cousine. The two young boys are living together in the appartment, with 5 bedrooms, so they have plenty of space.

During Fall 2008 we decided to get a terrace by our flag staff. We started to work with this late Fall, and did not finish is. This is now going to be this years project, for Summer 2009.