Fall photos 2005





These photos are taken on a camping trip that Joakim and I went to, with Joakim's class, September 2nd to September 3rd 2005.

It was 5-6 degreez celcius, and it was raining almost every minute of the camp trip (I beleve that we had sunny weather for about 30-45 minutes during the two days). We also were padling with canoos. Two kids and one grown-up in each canoo. Even the fact that the weather was so bad, we had a wonderful trip. We had warm clothes, and warm sleepingbags, and we did not get wet.


We are in the canoos, padling towards our destination.


Our camp. It's raining. (Joakim to the right.)


Joakim and his friend is padling on their own.


Our camp.


Here we are padling through grass, growing up from the lake.