On our wedding day at August 16th 2003




Our wedding day started with Cecilie and me went to a very dear friend of mine, who is a hairdresser. She arranged our hair, and did my make up. She is the best!!!

After this, Charles, Joakim and Morten came and picked us up, and we went to the photographer. First he took some photos of the whole family. Then he took some photos of just Charles and me.

My parents, my sisters with their families, my mothers mother, my fathers mother and a friend of mine with her housband drove to us, by car, for 6 hours, the day before our wedding.

When we had finished to the photographer, we went home and eat something that we in Norway call "Koldtbord", togther with them who had been driving for 6 hours, the day before, and Charles' mother. (Koldtbord is cold, smoked salmon, cold, smoked or salt meat, vegetables, and lots of other goodies. This is a common thing to eat in weddings and other parties like that.

After eating "Koldtbord", we went to a chapel and got married. It was a very nice and intimate wedding in a small chapel and a very nice preast.

We had invited 55 guests to our wedding party, and after the wedding we all went to a house that we had rented, and decorated for our wedding.

We drunk coffee and eat lots of good cakes. After this, we had nice music and danced, talked, and I think, that everyone had a great time.

I know I did!  Charles and I left the party at 2 AM.

But some of our guests was partying until 5 AM.

We had a wonderful wedding day, and this will be a day that I will remember the rest of my life.